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09 may - 18 aug | 09 am - 18 pm
388, greenwich st

Owner of a strong identity, with a striking and spontaneous line. This is Bruno Carneiro Mosciaro, better known as Bruno Big, or just known as Big, from Rio de Janeiro, born in 1980 and who stands out for being a multidisciplinary artist. Passionate about art and the sensation from it provokes, over years of research he managed to develop his own language and style and, thanks to it, he secured recognition in the country and abroad.

His presence on the streets is remarkable. He likes the challenge and the response it offers. The search for the space to be painted, as well as the adaptation to different supports and the interaction of the people ho walk the streets while he creates, generates an energy that is fundamental for Big as an artist. At the same time, the academic experience has a strong participation in his routine. As graduated in Visual Communication course at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ), he is also a specialist in the History of Brazilian Art, along his studies in the area of Brazilian engraving Arts, and, together with rofessor and plastic artist Thereza Miranda, he teaches and supports classes on Engraving Arts knowledge for more than ten years on the same university where he has been graduated.

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F1 Trophy

The art of the trophy and podium of the Grand Prix of Interlagos in São Paulo of F1 2022

Digital arts were developed for the podium and scenography. An art was created for the trophy that was hand painted directly on the trophy.

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I was invited by the Brazilian Olympic Committee to develop some artwork for the athletes' space at the Pan American Games that took place in Santiago, Chile in 2023.

Plus 81 Gallery Exhibition Canvases - Japan

My paintings on display at @plus81gallery in Tokyo, Japan. I felt deeply honored by the invitation to showcase my art in a country whose culture I greatly admire.

Thank you, Mr. Yamashita, for the invitation. It's always amazing to have the opportunity to exhibit so far from home.
Thank you, @consuladoemtoquio, for making the connection. I dream of one day visiting Japan! Thank you! Special thanks to my team!


Drawings made with colored pencils on Hahnemuhle paper. Series created about the human and animal relationship with water. My favorite element.

Fauna and Flora

The Cable Car was one of the most special projects I've ever done. First for the honor of painting this important and beloved place in my hometown, second for being a very challenging logistics.




Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio is part of Rio's history, the biggest festival in Brazil! I've watched great shows since I was a teenager at this festival, being part of the 2022 edition was amazing!

JAM SESSION Exhibition

The theme of this new work has everything to do with music.

It presents a new development of my work, where I delve into abstract painting. I worked from experimentation, painting the canvases like someone playing in a jazz band by pure improvisation. That's why the title of the exhibition is Jam Session.

I have great affinity with jazz, blues and instrumental music. Styles where improvisation is the creative process itself.

At the opening of the expo we had a Jam between the musicians Marcelinho da Lua, Edu Neves and Guto Wirtti who made some sound experiments at the vernissage that took place on May 12, 2022 at Artur Fidalgo Galeria.

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Canvas Cristina Salles

Custom-painted canvas for Cristina's birthday, mother of 5 children who I am pleased to say I am friends with all five!

This canvas that has the mother taking care of her garden with her children represented by the birds was made with a lot of love and care. I loved painting this canvas and I was very happy with the result.

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Brazil Award

Animations created from digital illustrations created for projection during the Premio e-Sport Brasil 2022.

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Free Line - The Art of Bruno Big

Centro Cultural Correios

In the LINHA LIVRE exhibition, he has presented works of different techniques and phases. The paintings made with acrylic paint have canvases that show the evolution and research with paintings from my personal collection from 2012 to the last canvases painted this year at the studio in the interior of Rio. I also present watercolors, all painted this year. Additionally I also present works on ceramics, which are the result of years of work in the studio of Professor Sonia Saraiva.

In the LINHA LIVRE exhibition, he has presented works of different techniques and phases. The paintings made with acrylic paint have canvases that show the evolution and research with paintings from my personal collection from 2012 to the last canvases painted this year at the studio in the interior of Rio. I also present watercolors, all painted this year. Additionally I also present works on ceramics, which are the result of years of work in the studio of Professor Sonia Saraiva.

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Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio is part of Rio's history, the biggest festival in Brazil! I've watched great shows since I was a teenager at this festival, being part of the 2022 edition was amazing!


I was invited to make the mark identity, as well as painting the track and do an exhibition at the OI STU Open Skate Championship that took place in November 2019 in Rio de Janeiro! There were two international stages that took place at the same time: Street - 5 Star & Park - Pro Tour.

Mark Identity

It had been a great honor developing the art for one of the main stages of Skate Total Urbe, especially a 5-star event taking place in Rio de Janeiro!

Thanks to everyone at Rio de Negócios event for the morale, to my friend Bill Tassinari for calling me to joining this team and also to Rio Ramp Design who has designed the structure and runways and as well as to Antoine and Luiza who did the art direction and applied it to the event. Huge pride of the result!

All the ilustrations were digitally created, all finished in vector technique

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Pista de Skate

The tracks signed by Rio Ramp Design are every skater's dream. Park and street side by side, were designed from skater to skater. The guys are great!

In order to create a painting to accompany the event's identity but also to hinder the athlete's performance, it was necessary to work with a simpler and more punctual language.

Many thanks to my painting team who were very good at this project. Production by Carol Lyra and assistance from Grabriel “Simo” and João “No tooth” who share with on site, under the sun and rain!

Pictures: Dhani B

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Stu Gallery

In addition to creating the identity and painting the tracks, it was also part of the project to create an exclusive exhibition for the event.

4 canvases were painted based on the theme of the event. All in acrylic on canvas.

4 arts were printed in fine art print at Lithos and 4 risographs were printed at Risotrip.

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The opening of the exhibition featured a concert by the band Beach Combers, with a lot of Rock 'n Roll! A dream come true!

Photos: Felipe Diniz

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Interactive Sculpture Painting

The public was invited to interfere with the sculpture inside the gallery, an interactive piece created especially for the STU.

Photos: Felipe Diniz

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Signature of Posters

There was also the signing of the event posters inside the STU Gallery! It was really cool to be able to give a gift to the public.

Photos: Felipe Diniz

Saiba Mais

Application of Art at the Event

Being able to participate in an event of this size and working with such a good team was fundamental, the result speaks for itself. It was an incredible competition with the best skateboarding athletes in the world, shows packed with big names in Rio music, exhibition, workshops, videos, talks and so on.

The OI STU Open transcends sport and brings together several lovers of sport and art in the same place.

Photos: Dhani B

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Panel for the Imakay restaurant located in Campo Grande.
Known for its sophisticated cuisine that mixes Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

Exposição Memória

The exhibition “Memória”, by the artists Thereza Miranda and Bruno Big, was held at the Arthur Fidalgo Gallery with engravings of various techniques, made from photographs, known as photogravures.

This exhibition celebrates Brazilian engraving, showing works by two artists from different generations, who work and teach engraving and printing techniques, keeping alive the tradition of engraving in Rio de Janeiro. His works are full of memories, places, people, the mountains of Rio, its architecture and its nature, memories that were recorded and synthesized printed on paper.

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Vulica Brazil

It was amazing to take my art and paint this panel and also be able to do it alongside such interested people. Very committed organizers and volunteers always willing to work and carry out this event, thank you for showing me your culture! It's great to meet some friends and even better make new ones!

Thank you! Special thanks to my team!

About the panel, When I was invited I wanted to do something very colorful and with a good message. After some sketches I came up with the idea of ​​the woman taking care of her garden. This led me to the poetry of Mario Quintana that says in one part:

"The secret is not to take care of the butterflies, but to take care of the garden so that they come to you."

Which is a metaphor about taking care of yourself and looking in yourself for the person to love that good things will return. Take good care of yourself, of those around you that good things will come.


Solo exhibition took place in October at the Next Street Gallery, in Paris, France

WSL - Saquarema

I was invited to create a digital artwork for @redbull's Athlete Zone at the Word Surf League's OiRioPro in Saquarema! I'm very angry to be able to participate with my art in the world championship that I follow the most!!!

The sea has always been a great inspiration and surfing my way of connecting with the ocean.

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Rádio Globo Infoglobo

Bruno Big signed the facade and an interior painting of the new Radio Globo Jacarepaguá studios, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. With strong and vibrant colors, art allows listeners and followers to travel through the airwaves and all that it offers in its new programming: music, entertainment, sports and information.

The project's success made new invitations to the artist possible.

Thus, you can also paint the new headquarters in the Cidade Nova neighborhood.

Fotogravura Urca

In August 2018, I had the honor of launching, together with Thereza Miranda, her 90th anniversary commemorative print. It took place in the exhibition “Memória” at Artur Fidalgo Galeria.

It was amazing to be able to develop this print together with the artist who pioneered the technique after exhibiting alongside it.

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Arte-Core is a traditional event in the Rio de Janeiro scene. It takes place in the gardens of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and has a large audience as it is free and open to all ages. With urban art as its focus, the event brings to its audience music, skateboarding, workshops and, of course, a lot of art.

Big was invited to paint the 8m x 6m panel that will be on display until next year for Arte Core 2019.

Below is the text made by the artist about his work:

Homage to the old masters of painting and their wisdom.

The compositions known as Vanitas (Vanity) can be seen in the creations of different artists at different times and places in the history of art.

Based on classic still life paintings, these compositions bring symbols and elements that represent the vanity, ego and ephemerality of life.

An invitation to the observer's self-analysis about his ego, his character and how his attitudes reverberate in his life and after the passage to the other plane, since we don't take anything material over there.

What do you want to be remembered for?


Street River

Street River is a very special project, taking place in the Amazon and taking urban art to the riverside people of Ilha do Combú, located on the Guamá River in front of Belém do Pará.

Created by Sebá Tapájos, the Street River Institute goes beyond the initiative of bringing art to Combú Island, its main intention is to bring attention to the condition of the riverside people who live mainly from what they extract from the river and the forest. Through partnerships with companies and NGOs, the project can make improvements to the site, such as the implementation of ecological toilets, distribution of filters to make drinking water and even the installation of solar panels to capture energy for the local school, since the lack of light is something evident in the place.

Bruno Big was invited to be part of the team of artists who participated in the event in June 2018. Among them, artists from several places in Brazil and one from Germany. He had the pleasure of painting the house of a family where Bob and Sara, parents of 4 boys, live. Arthur, the youngest, was the artist's main assistant. The father builds boats and it was his request to create a hammer shark on the side of the house where he works. On the other side, the panel symbolizes the family and the upbringing of children.

The experience and immersion in the local culture make Street River a unique art event, where artists and local people exchange and interact very closely. Learning is immense and ends up influencing artists in their creations and lives.

Ourcq Living Colors -Nuance Musicale

Panel painted together with the great French artist BATSH for the Street Art festival in Paris More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information

Wynwood - Miami

Panel developed together with artists Mateu Velasco, Rafael UZAI and Marcelo MENT for the "Bakehouse Art Complex" located in Wynwood, Miami.

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Felipe Ret

Filipe Ret is among the most prominent carioca rappers on the national scene. Considered a phenomenon on social networks and on stages, the young man was just another brand on the city walls, until the then graffiti artist became known in the fights of MC's in Lapa.

With sharp verses, this Catete offspring has been conquering its territory, mixing the language of the streets with a somewhat philosophical touch and calling the attention of names that inspired him.

For the clip of his song “Chief of the Perfect Crime”, the artist asked that a special outfit be made, with the stamp signed by Bruno Big.

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Primary Observe

On June 17, 2016, Bruno Big inaugurated, at the One Art Space gallery, in New York, the exhibition “Primary Obverse” alongside the artist Marco Galltota, curated by Monica Watkins.

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Rio Esporte Arte

projeto de pintura muralista
une arte e esporte no Rio de Janeiro

Big created the collection “OUSADIA E ALEGRIA” for Neymar Jr. In it, he signed the new player's boot and another series of products.

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